With our central location to the popular beach town of Ocean Shores to our south and beautiful coast to our north, there is no shortage of events, sights, and activities to enjoy.

There are also frequently scheduled clam digs during non-summer months, beautiful beaches and streams here and all up and down State Route 109.

Many of the events listed below take place in Ocean Shores. Check the full list of events in and around Ocean Shores for details and confirmation of dates, or search online.


Date Event
Jan-Feb Razor clam season, check the clam dig schedule for current info.
Feb 10-12 Antique & Collectibles Show
Mar 4-5 Beachcombers Fun Fair
Mar 17-19 Razor Clam Festival
Mar 19 Dugan's Fun Run
Apr 21-23 Fine Arts, Photo, & Electronic Media Show
May 13-14 Shoppin' at the Shore
May 26-28 Grays Harbor County Expo
Jun 3-4 Ocean Shores Festival of Colors
Jun 10 Flag Day Parade
Jun 23-25 Sand & Sawdust Festival
Jul 4 Fireworks show at Quinault Beach Resort and Casino.
Jul 7-9 Ocean Shores Beach Blast
Jul 28-30 Bikers at the Beach
Aug TBD Woof-a Thon
Aug 18-20 12th Man Fest
Aug 26-27 Find Your Treasure Gift Show
Sep 1-3 A.A.O.S. Arts and Crafts Festival
Sep 15-17 Whale of a Quilt Show
Oct 25-29 Irish Music Festival
Nov 24-26 Winter Fanta-Sea Craft Show